Homemade, Organic Deli & Patisserie
Tel: 020 7052 9000


 L’Opera, where elegance meets homemade style deli
in a relaxed, friendly and luxurious atmosphere.

We are delighted and excited to bring this unique family run organic deli experience to the Kensington and Chelsea neighbourhood. We are specialists in homemade and healthy organic products, salads, cakes and refreshing drinks, as well as speciality in wholesale coffee beans.
From Levantine to Persia with an Italian and Greek twist, our distinctive concept and recipes have been built up over 30 years. We believe that you first choose  with your eyes, therefore our counter style deli display allows you to make a choice without simply looking at a menu.
Here at L’Opera we aim to ensure everyone feels welcome and we have a wide variety of salads, drinks and other organic products to accommodate everyone’s tastes. We also stock a great selection of herbal teas, dried fruits, spelt pastas, home made jams, cakes, olives, nuts and Persian caviar for you to enjoy whenever the mood takes you.